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Thank you for your support! We raised over $24,000 for the Creiglow Family. We are no longer accepting donations. Please visit our website at for other ways to support our Association.

We wish we were never needed, but all too often we are. At the time of a deputy’s distress, we’re honored to be of help and comfort to them and their families. 

One of our own Deputy Creiglow from the Palm Desert Station has a 4 year old son, Jameson Creiglow, who is battling leukemia. On behalf of the Association we extend our support and prayers for Jameson and the family. 

Update from his family:

"Jameson did amazing with his last type of Chemotherapy and showed no side effects other than an upset tummy. His vital signs remain stable all night and all morning and his blood count looks amazing.

The hospital released Jameson a few days ago and he is now home and being treated as an outpatient. 

Jameson takes 4-9 different medications at home each day and will receive further Chemo treatment three times a week at Loma Linda so we will be back and forth for a while.

We still have a long road ahead of us but I want to thank everyone who has continued to show their love and support for Jameson and ask for continued prayer."

The RCDSRF has partnered with the National 9-99 Police And Sheriff Foundation, a registered 501c3 organization. All donations are 100% tax-deductible. National 9-99 Police And Sheriff Foundation Tax ID # 47-4112157

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